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Website’s Address

Our website address is

What data do we store?

Data stored through Comments

We collect the data of the users who comment on our site “Biology Reader” by saving their comments along with their IP address to detect spam. Akismet is an automated spam detection application which monitors the visitor’s comments. It recognizes the spam by the anonymized string or hash that is generated from the visitor’s email.

We also store the user’s comment for an indeterminate time. Through this retention of data, we can facilitate a quick follow up of the comments automatically, instead of holding them in a moderation queue.

Data stored through Contact Us

Contact us page is to resolve queries of the visitors and when a visitor fill this form, their personal information is saved with us. The user can ask us to delete their personal data available with us, like their name and email address except for that information which we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes.


Sharing details like name, e-mail address on the site is user’s personal choice. So, when the user leaves a comment on our website, their personal information is stored with us.  Therefore, the user need not to fill up these details again while leaving another comment on our site. Cookies are used by “Google AdSense” to improve user’s experience of browsing on our website, for instance, it avoids to repeat the ads which have already been viewed by the visitors, improves reporting on the campaign performance and showing relevant advertisements to the user. Cookies themselves contain no personally identifiable information. However, information associated with cookies used in advertising may be added to the user’s Google Account depending upon the publisher’s and the user’s settings.


‘Biology Reader’ uses Google analytics. Google uses the personal information of the user to give better service to visitors by knowing their preferred language and interest. So, google analytics also store data of users by saving their IP address, current location, type of device they are working on and browser details while assessing the website. ‘Biology Reader’ uses the personal data of the visitor only for the lawful business practice such as for website’s promotion, market research and analysis.

Internet-Based Advertising

‘Biology Reader’ uses Google AdSense which is our chief source of “Monetization”. Google AdSense directly saves the data or information whenever the user visits our site ‘Biology Reader’. Google AdSense also saves information about the device from which you access the website. Google AdSense stores two types of information:

  • Technical or Server information: It stores information like IP (Internet Protocol), browser details, device and operating system used, internet service provider, timing and geographical location.
  • Visitor’s information: It includes information about the user’s visit to the website. It stores data like URL (Uniform Resource Locators), clickstream to, pages viewed, pages searched, time on page, exit pages and website navigation.

Google is our only third party which display advertisements on the website and other social Media which we use as “Internet-Based Advertising Services” where the user visits. The third party uses cookies or tokens to display ads based on past browsing information of the user who has previously accessed the ‘Biology Reader’. One can disable or disagree with the use of cookies by Google, by changing the Google ads setting.

One can also disable the use of cookies by the third party by visiting network advertising initiative consumer’s opt-out page. You can visit the site to find out how to block the cookies:

Data Sharing and Protection

With whom we share your data?

‘Biology Reader’ can share the personal details to the third party, if it is required for the legal purpose by any court or government agency to investigate or to identify the culprit involved in any cyber-crime and offence. So, we can disclose your data without your permission only under the specified circumstances for the good faith under applicable laws and conditions.

How do we protect your data?

‘Biology Reader’ protect your data by the use of external server capacities. User’s personal data is stored in the external location whose safety is described within a closed contract with the host. ‘Biology Reader’ does not share or sell any personal data of the visitor to any of the third party otherwise.