Difference Between Water Lily and Lotus

Water lily and lotus are aquatic flowering plants. At first glance, you may get confused between the two, but these beautiful flowers have notable differences. First, they belong to different families of flowering plants and have different growth patterns. Water lilies (Nymphaea species) belong to the Nymphaeaceae family. In contrast, lotuses (Nelumbo species) belong to …

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Types of Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems cultivate plants in nutrient-rich water with or without using non-soil growing media around the root system. It includes deep water culture, wick system, Ebb and flow, nutrient film technique, drip system and aeroponics. For the commercial production of plants through hydroponics, a greenhouse is recommended best to cultivate plants like tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, …

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Separation of Plant Pigments by Paper Chromatography

The separation of plant pigments by paper chromatography is an analysis of pigment molecules of the given plant. Chromatography refers to colour writing. This method separates molecules based on size, density and absorption capacity. Chromatography depends upon absorption and capillarity. The absorbent paper holds the substance by absorption. Capillarity pulls the substance up the absorbent …

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