Spoilage of Milk

Definition: Any undesirable change or deterioration in the quality of milk is called Spoilage of milk. These changes can be like an unpleasant appearance, colour, odour, taste etc. Milk contains a complex biochemical composition and a high water activity, due to which it provides an excellent culture medium for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms …

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Difference Between Antigen and Antibody

The difference between antigen and antibody is mainly due to the following factors like functional role, specificity factor and foreignness. Functional role: Antigen incites the immune system, whereas the antibody is produced in response to a specific antigen. Specificity factor: Both antigen and antibody are specific. The specificity of antigen is due to the presence …

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Definition: Staining is a method of imparting colour to cells, tissues or microscopic components, so they are highlighted and visualized better under a microscope. There are a variety of staining methods like simple, differential and special staining, which are used for various purposes ranging from the study of microscopic organisms to cellular structures, metabolic processes, …

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