Difference between Colloid and Solution

The difference between colloid and solution is due to the properties like the solubility of particles, chemical nature and light scattering property. Colloids form when the particles (diameter from 1-1000 nm) are suspended in the dispersion medium. Oppositely, a true solution forms when the solute particles (diameter less than 1 nm) completely dissolve in the …

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Concentration of Ore

The concentration of ore is a method of eliminating gangue particles or other impurities. Ore-dressing and benefaction are the alternative names for the term concentration of ore. To obtain a pure metal from ore, the method of ore concentration is a very crucial step. For the extraction of metal, it is necessary to separate ore …

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Refining of Metal

Refining of metal is one of the processes which involves the separation of impurities like sand particles, other metals etc. from the metal of choice. Therefore, refining of metal comes under the science of studying the metal’s physical and chemical properties, called Metallurgy. The methods for refining metals vary according to the type and use …

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