Supriya N

Facts About Tears

Do you know the facts about tears? Tears generally fall from our eyes when we feel happily overwhelmed, gloomy or irritated by something happening around us. We often link crying to the sad part, but it’s a usual response to a wide range of emotions. Also, crying is a phenomenon that keeps your eyes healthy …

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Difference Between Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds

Chia and flax seeds are two popular superfoods that do wonders in leading a healthy lifestyle. Both are rich in fibers and highly nutritious. These seeds contribute to improving gut health, heart health and cognitive health. So, both are fantastic additions to your diet, packed with endless health benefits. Nowadays, most people incorporate these seeds …

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Traditional Water Purification Methods

Traditional water purification methods are prominently used in rural communities worldwide. Traditional ways to purify water include some rudimentary methods to remove impurities. Long years ago, people utilized the available resources like sand, cloth, stone etc. to purify water. Those basic methods only make the water quality acceptable for drinking purposes. But, somewhere these old …

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