Endosmosis Examples

Endosmosis is the diffusion of water from the cell exterior to the cell interior or cytoplasm. The study of endosmosis is possible if you keep a cell in the hypotonic solution. In endosmosis, the solute and solvent concentration inside and outside the cell are as follows: High solvent and low solute concentration in the cell …

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Retrogradation of Starch

Retrogradation of starch is just opposite of the starch gelatinization. Here, the term retrogradation denotes the reversal mechanism. The gelation of starch contains disaggregated starch molecules. But, the disaggregated amylose and amylopectin chains realign during retrogradation of a starch gel. We could see the retrograde starch after a long-term cooling or storage of the starch …

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