Laminar Airflow Chamber

A laminar airflow chamber refers to an enclosed cabinet, which is equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered airflow system. It provides an aseptic environment to perform different experiments. Laminar airflow cabinet circulates unidirectional airflow with little or no turbulence at a uniform velocity between 0.3-0.5 m/s. It is extensively used in laboratories to …

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Rho Protein

Rho protein or Rho factor is a hexamer complex, which is ATP-dependent. Rho gene synthesizes rho protein to terminate the transcription process in prokaryotes. It is a protein possessing a single polypeptide chain with 419 amino acid residues. It functions as an RNA-binding protein, which primarily recognizes and binds to the rut site of the …

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Soil Microflora

Soil microflora contributes to the biological property of the soil, whose number and activity has a considerable impact on the soil system. The physical and chemical factors like pH, temperature, available moisture, and nutrients influence the growth and activity of the soil microflora. The root system in the soil also influences a wide range of …

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