Spoilage of Milk

Definition: Any undesirable change or deterioration in the quality of milk is defined as Spoilage of milk. These changes can be like change in appearance, colour, odour, taste etc. Milk contains complex biochemical composition and high water activity, and this provides an excellent culture medium for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms which leads to …

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Difference Between Antigen and Antibody

The key difference: The Antigen and Antibody are the protein structures which shows a significant difference between the following factors like functional role, specificity factor and foreignness. Antigen incites the immune system whereas the antibody produced in response to a specific antigen. Both antigen and antibody are specific in nature but the specificity of antigen …

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Definition: Staining is a supplementary method that gives divergence to the microscopic image for better vision under the microscope. It is a technique that is widely used for the examination of cells, tissues and cellular components. There are a variety of staining methods like simple, differential and special staining that are used in labs to …

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